Forks of the Credit

Just the Facts about hiking at Forks of the Credit:

Forks of the Credit main website
Forks of the Credit google location
Forks of the Credit hiking trails16 KM
Forks of the Credit Distance to Toronto70 KM / 1.1 Hours

Forks of the Credit- View from Parking Lot

Different is sometimes very good.  Take Forks of the Credit, for example—normally, our hikes are through forested areas, but this hike was mostly through meadows and around the mouth of a beautiful gorge. Forks of the Credit is a nice change from the norm because it offers variety in one location: the Credit River , staircases along the gorge, ruins, waterfalls, meadows and hills. It’s the “one-stop shop” of hiking--the Forks are a little out of the way but it’s worth the search!

A Panorama of the view from the parking lot! (And it only gets better from there!)
Forks of the Credit- Baby Snake

The Forks are a popular family hiking destination and the proof was all around us the evening that we visited.  Kids seemed to love running along the paths where the grass had grown well past the tops of their heads and they just couldn’t help but chase after the abundant supply of butterflies.  If you’re able to stand still long enough, you may catch a glimpse of the variety of birds that have made homes in the trees.  Also, don’t forget to keep an eye on the path ahead of you… I almost took out a grass snake in my haste to make it to the waterfall!  I’m not really a fan of those little snakes but Rob just loves them—especially when he is fast enough to catch them on camera.

Be sure to take a good look (or a copy) of the trail map with you when you hike.  The trails are marked but not always with the name or final destination of the trail.  We seemed to figure things out just fine but there were a few moments of confusion along the way.  This is not just an area for casual

Forks of the Credit- Killer stairs
meandering through the fields—if you feel like a good workout, some of these trails are for you!  There is a seemingly (never-ending) staircase (I lost count after 150 stairs) that will take you down closer to the river—a staircase that will single-handedly give you those calves you’ve always dreamed of!

On our way back to the car, we really appreciated a sit-down on a picnic table overlooking Kettle Lake .  Apparently, this little lake was created by glaciers and does not have any rivers flowing into or out of it and depends on rain and melted snow to sustain itself.

Overall, if you’re looking for a hike that offers a variety of terrain, the Forks of the Credit is a great option. 

Forks of the Credit- Small Lake
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Forks of the Credit main website


Trail Map for Forks of the Credit


Forks of the Credit- Field Hiking
Forks of the Credit- Fat Caterpillar eating milkweed
This gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect on most of the hike...
Forks of the Credit-Small waterfalls
Forks of the Credit- Old mill ruins
This is the smaller of the two waterfalls, but the other one is fenced off so I couldn't get a good picture. Be assured it's nice to look at though.
The ruins of an old mill by the waterfall