Innerkip Quarry

Type: Quarry Location: Innerkip Depth: 30'
2 small planes (cessna & Harvard) 3 boats, several cars, couple of busses
Dive:Novice Pictures

Just North of Woodstock , there is a town called Innerkip.  In that town of Innerkip , there is a quarry.  And in that quarry, there is a whole lot of water because it was flooded back in the late 1930s.  Though this was not so fortunate for the local gravel company, the resulting recreational facility (known as Trout Lake Park ) is adored by local residents and visitors alike.  The Innerkip Quarry has been lovingly renamed as Trout Lake and is spring fed.

Since the Quarry is man-made, it has a maximum depth of about 30 feet.  It's also small and has variable visibility. In general, due to its relatively flat bottom and multiple easy shore access points, this is a great dive for the novice diver.  At first, the Quarry might seem like a very simple place to visit and may be overlooked.  Of course, given the fact that it’s one of the most frequently dive l ocations in Ontario , there must be more to it.  There is!  The owners of this facility have sunken two planes (a Cessna and a Harvard), a van, several cars, three boats (two cabin cruisers and a lobster boat), and a couple of buses, making for some interesting underwater sightseeing. Though there is also a watered-in mine shaft, the owners urge divers not to explore them unless you have the proper training and equipment (some of the corridors are not concrete-solidified).  In terms of natural company, you’ll be swimming amongst pike, perch, bass, and other norms of Southwestern Ontario. One caution—the bottom has a good coating of silt which, if overly disturbed, will have an impact on your visibility.

The Innerkip Quarry is a unique diving location due to its winter hours—yes, I said winter.  The building is heated and open from late in the fall to early in the spring. So, if you’ve wanted to try ice diving, here’s your chance! On the other end of the season, since the Quarry is so small, it tends to warm up earlier than other dive locations.  In terms of on-site amenities or services, there is a tiny dive shop and rental operation that will do air fills.  You can also pick up a waterproof map, use the washroom, grab some fast food and chat with some friendly people.

The Innerkip Quarry (aka Trout Lake Park ) also offers swimming, picnic areas, family camping and scuba diving lessons.  Admission to the park runs between $5 and $6 dollars depending on when you visit and you can camp for the night for an additional $20 per person. 

To get to Innerkip Quarry:

Highway 401 to exit #250.  Turn right on Highway 29 and take it to the town of Innerkip .  Drive through town and turn left onto George Street and you’ll soon arrive at the Quarry/Trout Lake Park!

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For more information:

Trout Lake Park

P.O. Box 57

51 George Street

Innerkip , Ontario

Phone: 519-469-3431 or 519-469-3363